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The Cover Letter Book James Inne _BEST_

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The Cover Letter Book James Inne

Inside Folder 1 is a booklet printed for the Riverside Land and Irrigating Company to promote the company. Though undated, the booklet probably has a relative date range between 1875 and 1877. The booklet contains information about the company's history and irrigating facilities; land prices, water rights, and construction costs; and Riverside's ecology, including climatic conditions, natural resources, and its fruit production capability. The folder also contains an undated price list for the booklet. Folder 2 contains a photocopy of a typed manuscript, itself a copy of a diary kept by Mrs. F. Daniels Battles from November 1875 to December 1882. After the death of Mrs. Battles, Mrs. J.S. Bordwell obtained a copy of the diary. She made the handwritten notations evident on the manuscript. The diary in Series I.2 contains brief but colorful entries on neighbors and acquaintances: injuries, deaths, and births; buildings and businesses; various wildlife and geological occurrences including quakes and floods; and recreational activities and criminal incidences. The folder also includes a 1967 cover letter by Esther Klotz regarding the diary's history and three items regarding early residents in the Riverside area: Captain Cornelius Jensen and his wife, Mercedec Alvarado and the Cover family (T.W. Cover had been a director of the Silk Center Association and later trustee of the S.C.C.A.). The information on these individuals had been compiled from other sources, some dating from the twentieth century. The connection of these three items to the Battles diary is unclear, other than that they may have been copied and donated by Klotz at the same time. Folder 3 contains paperwork regarding the manuscript written by Dr. James P. Greves in 1877. Though the folder does not include the original document, it does have a typed version created by Priestly Hall, who had misspelled the surname "Greves" in the copy. A photocopy in the folder contains the same information as the typed version with one notable difference; the photocopy shows handwritten notations, which are typed in the other document. A cover letter, probably from the 1950s, regarding the documents' history, is also in this folder. Folder 4 has a book by Arthur Bennett on the Mission Inn written in prose form. Both Bennett and Frank A. Miller signed the copy. The book has some acid migration of the print.

Thank you for your interest in Skinner. This is a popular post & due to the volume of comments, we are unable to continue to reply individually. Check out our post on 3-ways to research book values online to help determine if you have a book of value.

I have a first edition Every Horse Owners Cyclopedia, by J.H.Walsh, Ellwood Harvey and John Elderken. It is edited by Robert McClure, was sold by subscription and published by Porter & Coates, 822 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. Mears & Dusenbery, Sterestypers and H. B. Ashmead, Printer. Copy write is 1871 and has over 100 engravings within the book. The cover is emerald green cloth with gold and black embellished pictures on the front and binding. As far as I can tell all the pages are there but the binding is loose and worn on the top and bottom. This is a hard copy and has no dust cover. Any help you could give me will be most appreciated. The information on your site was very helpful. Thank you, Diane

I found a book that has been in our fanily for several generations and would like to know what the value may be.On the hard cover that is dark blue ,printed is ARLINGTON EDITION between the front and back covers printed is MONA,S CHOICE and on the first page that is blank except it is inscribed with the following DELIA F KEEFE , CHRISTMAS 1889 Can anyone help

I have a hard cover first edition book, 1884: Literature Primers by Edward Dowden, on Shakespere published by D. Appleton and Company. The book is in good condition, can you please give by the value of what this book might be.Thank You

I found a book at a used book store that I have been wondering about. It is The Prose Tales of Edgar Allen Poe, First Series, W.J. Widdleton, Publisher. 1877. The binding is battered and the pages are yellowed with age, but otherwise it is in good shape with a lovely marbled cover. Someone is selling a similar book on Amazon for $155 dollars, but otherwise I cannot find it anywhere. Do you think that is a fair price? Thank you.

I have a book PITMANS , PHONETIC JOURNAL , FOR THE YEAR , 1902 , VOLUME 61 . Hardcover binding is worn on the edges and edges are starting to come apart . 1034 pages good cond. yellowed , no ear marks . Any value , any interest ? Thank you

Also an 1848 German book: Der Pfalter des konigs und profheten David, berbeufdt von Dr. martin Luther, mit furzen Summarien oder inhalt jedes pfalmen. Published in Philadelphia by Mentz and Roboudt. Not sure if I have spelled everything right, the typeface is difficult to read. The cover had a lock which has deteriorated.

I have beee trying to find information online about the pubplication date or possible worth of a book but I am unable to find any on the particular edition that I have. It is The Poetical Works of Longfellow (Including Recent Poems). There is no publication date, but teh Publisher is Peacock and Mansfield & Co., Ltd. and it was presented to my great grandfather in 1911. It is a Blue cloth covered with 640 numbered pages. Do you have any information about this book?

Tom,To find out what this book may be worth at auction, please submit photos of the title page and copyright page using the auction evaluation form on our website:

Jerry,Thanks for your comment. To find out what your book may be worth at auction, please send a photo of the title page and an auction evaluation form on our website:

I have stumbled across your webset by luck perhaps? I have a book published in July of 1902 (if my reading of Roman numerals has not failed me) from the Roycroft Shop, East Astoria. The book (well essay) is titled: Self Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emmerson. I have been tried to find a value on the book before my father died but it appears the prices are scattered all over the place. The edition I own has a green suede cover, a hand-drawn portrait inside covered with vellum, the thick paper is not evenly cut (to me-as an artist-it almost appears as handmade paper). Where would I find a more accurate price on this book?

I have inherited a large collection of old books. I have found one that came with a dust cover that is not paper but a flower printed cardboard. Blossoms From The Clay by Sheridan Franzell Wood. Signed by him as a Christmas gift 1926. Published by Dorrance and Company Philidelphia. It came with a post card to order new books, a bulletin with his picture announcing his new books and a reprint of an article from The Sunday Vindicator, May 8, 1927 with a detailed story of the author. The book is in excellent condition.

I have a copy of Narratives and Adventures of Travellers in Africa. The book is in poor shape, with fading on the cover,spine and back, and the binding inside has separated. I could not find a date anywhere, though the cover says Alta Edition. What does make this book interesting is that it was bound backward. Does this make a book any more valuable?

I have a copy of Old Testament Stories Comically Illustrated, by Watson Heston, that I am contemplating selling. The cover is not in great shape, and the binding is very loose. While there are a few pages that are soiled by time, the illustrations show very little signs of fading and are in overall great shape. The book was a gift from the first dean of the Duke Law School, and has an inscription from him(not sure if this hurts the value or not).Thanks

Hi Phyllis,To find out what your Sinclair Lewis and Robert Louis Stevenson books may be worth at auction, please submit photos and an auction evaluation form on our website:

I have a copy of Libery Hyde Baily Beginners Botany, hard cover, no dust jacket. The publishing date is sept. 1910. I have not been able to find a copy for sale anywhere. Is this book worth anything?Thanks,

i have the book in darkest africa by h.m.stanley 1890 i think it is the trade version of volume 1 on the spine it says division 1 it has an introduction by j.scott.keltie librarian to the royal geographical society it is titled mr stanleys africa career and has charles scribners sons..onthe cover is stanley standing up being saluted by a half naked native the first normaly blank page says this leaf not tobe bound with the volume .half way down says conditions of pubpication and this edition, specially prepared for subscription only.will be compleated in twenty two parts,at 2/s. each or insixdivisions .cloth bound ,at 9/s.each and is not obtainable from ordinary booksellers. next page si stanlsys portrait a woodcut and face on can you help please

I have a not great condition book (some of the binding at the bottom is torn off and pages very yellowed) Arlington Edition of David Copperfield. Cover is hard and intact but a 1 cm gash and edges worn. Published New York; Hurst and Co. but no date written. Inside Back cover has an ad for Sohmer and Co. pianos. Worth keeping or selling I`m wondering.

I have the following book:-Wuthering Heights Etc E & A BronteDark green spine with green mottled hardback cover. Signature and date of 1889 on owners page. Published by Smith Elder & Co 1889. Second story in book is Agnes Grey. Good condition with some worn edges .ThanksAnne

I have a first edition copy of Midnight Weddings by Mrs. Meeke, which I hear is very rare, published London, 1802 by T. Dobbs. It has the publisher stamp in the front of the book, the pages are readable, the cover is a bit old and worn. Any thoughts?


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