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Humana Buying Kindred ((NEW))

Last year, Humana acquired total ownership of Kindred at Home after buying out its two private equity partners for $5.7 billion. The company in 2018 had acquired a 40% stake in the home health, hospice and personal care provider, with the private equity firms Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (WCAS) and TPG Capital holding the remaining 60%.

humana buying kindred

About Kindred at HomeKindred at Home is primarily a home health, hospice and community care services company with annual revenues of approximately $2.6 billion(1). At March 31, 2018, Kindred at Home through its subsidiaries had approximately 46,000 employees providing healthcare in 606 home health, hospice and non-medical home care sites of service in 40 states. For more information, go to You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Details: A Goldman Sachs-run divestiture process aimed at private equity is underway, three sources tell Axios. The company last year explored a strategic sale of the hospice arm shortly after buying out its private equity JV partners, two people add. 041b061a72


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