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Buy Fruit Cake

In the United States, most fruitcakes are also made with pecans, as pecans are native to the South. Not surprisingly, the fruitcake tradition is strongest in the South and throughout Texas. Cakes made with less fruit or at times of the year other than the holidays are often called "pecan cakes" instead of fruitcakes. The cakes are typically decorated with more fruit and nuts and generally don't need icing.

buy fruit cake

Eilenberger's Bakery World Famous Fruitcake is going to strike a nice balance for those looking for a tasty traditional fruitcake but don't necessarily want too many flavors fighting for your attention. Want something to really wow? The Harry & David Generous Gourmet Hamper is sure to impress anyone you'd like to treat with a complete culinary experience, from savory to sweet, including the fruitcake.

Jane Parker Fruitcake is proudly baked in the USA in America's Heartland. Our Fruitcakes are baked in small batches, using the original recipes. We take pride in baking and upholding Jane Parker's long time-honored tradition of baking delicious high quality fruitcake. That's because Jane Parker Fruit Cake is real, old-fashioned fruitcake, generously filled with more than 2/3 luscious fruits and nuts. Plump, juicy raisins, glazed pineapple, red cherries, and crunchy pecans are just some of the fine ingredients that make Jane Parker America's favorite fruit cake.

Baked by the Monks at Assumption Abbey, nestled in the foothills of the Missouri Ozarks, this fruitcake recipe was developed by French chef Jean-Pierre Augé, who was once employed by the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Insider tip: this is the same fruitcake being sold by the Williams Sonoma food catalog for $50 for a 2 lb gift tin. This dark, two pound, round fruitcake is made with raisins, pineapple, cherries, lemon peel and walnuts and is injected with one ounce of rum. It has a moist and rich flavor, and may win you over to how delicious a fruit cake can be.

These fruitcakes are small, approximately 5.5 inches in diameter, but each weigh in at 22.5 ounces, enough to serve 8 to 10 very happy people. The cake arrives wrapped in cheesecloth nestled in a lovely, reusable gold tin. This is fruitcake at its refined, time-honored best. Seriously buy these early or, if last year is any indication, you will miss out. The rum keeps them shelf-stable in their tin at room temperature for months! No need to refrigerate. Available now only from Frog Hollow Farms. 10% off your first purchase!

Made with 27% pecans from Texas, pineapple from Costa Rica, papaya, red cherries from Washington State, honey and golden raisins from California, this cake is both sweet and moist and will stay fresh for months in the refrigerator.

Reviewers were charmed by these delightful cookies that delivered all the pleasure of a slice of fruitcake in such a convenient and satisfying size. These cookies will be the highlight of your dessert table (hide away a few for enjoying with your coffee or tea at breakfast!) or holiday gift giving.

The Claxton Fruitcake, which is proudly made in Claxton, Georgia, has the advantage of being carried by grocery stores across the country, giving them a top-of-mind familiarity at the holidays. Seeing their retro red and white holiday striped boxes stacked in your local grocery is the surest sign that the holiday season is unquestionably upon us. Bright candied red and green cherries top a dense pound cake that binds together California raisins, pineapple, Georgia pecans, cherries, walnuts, almonds and lemon and orange peel. Available on Amazon in 1, 2 and 3 pound options.

Want to send both fruitcake and fudge? Then order the 20 ounce Gethsemani Farms Fruitcake with 1 pound of Kentucky bourbon chocolate fudge with pecans which is available on Amazon. (We want to be on your gift list.)

Get more of the rich, full flavor you enjoy with a 2 pound World-Famous C of O Fruitcake. Direct from our campus bakery, we deliver the best fruitcake you can order online today. We pack each bite of fruitcake with nuts and oversized morsels of candied fruit. Our fruitcakes help bring back memories of fruitcakes the way they should be.

Our World-Famous C of O Fruitcake is renowned for its quality and taste. Each fresh fruitcake has the right mix of spices, premium nuts and oversized morsels of candied fruit. Straight from the bakery on campus, we uphold the long tradition of using only the finest ingredients for our fruitcakes. National publications, such as, have recognized the World-Famous C of O fruitcake for its widespread appeal and tradition.

Full disclosure: the price on this cake may cause sticker shock. Where most fruit cakes are cheap, somewhat industrial and terrible, this is another species altogether. It's by far the best of its kind I've ever tried.

This is Robert's classic cake. He explains, "The recipe is British, Victorian era. It's based on my grandmother Floria's cakes, but instead of the store-bought glaceed fruits she used, I make my own candied fruit." But though the original recipe is more than a century old, each year Robert tweaks it a little: he'll add a new, just-discovered rare citrus, or he'll adjust the way he's chopping the nuts or candying the fruit to make it a little more delicious, a little more beautiful, a little more show-stopping. That also means that, from one year to the next, the flavor of the cake will change just a smidge.

For this year's cakes, Robert started by choosing citrus like blood oranges, bergamots, Rangpur limes, rare Japanese shekwasha, and more, many that he picked himself. He mixed them with more fruits, like cherries he glaceed in his own Blood Orange Syrup, and small, golden Hunza raisins, plus nuts hand-cut down to just the right size to distribute them evenly and help the cake stay intact when sliced. He soaked each cake in cognac and aged them for a few months. Finally, he garnished each cake with a cedar sprig and a star cut out of candied blood orange peel.

Kept cool and well wrapped in the fridge, a fruitcake will keep for years. (The old tradition of saving your wedding cake for an anniversary? It started with a fruitcake.) As they age, vintage fruitcakes develop deeper, more complex flavors, rather like a good bottle of wine.

"Both my Mom and I love fruitcake, and now I know that we had been eating junk all these years! I can only say that these fruitcakes are like treasures in my mouth, and each bite is different from the next, making me want more! And the care put into each piece of fruit can be savored with every bite. So exquisite and extraordinary!!"Cindy, Pearl City, HI

These cakes are fairly indestructible. Properly handled, they will last for years. While the label says keep refrigerated, and they should be, a few days or even weeks without it will do no real harm. The fridge also keeps the cake firm enough to cut properly.

To cut, slide the cake out of its bag, cut the string at one end and peel back the cheesecloth. To cut through all the nuts and fruits, a sharp serrated bread knife is the best choice. Cut the slices as thin as you can. Wrap it back up in the packaging and put it back in the fridge to store for later.

I too am a fan of this fruitcake. Over the years I have tried many others, some good some tolerable and some not much. We usually get three of the Kirkland ones. One to eat, one to freeze and one to give. I have only had one fruitcake that was as good, that was from a friend who is no longer able. I would gladly buy them from Canada if that was the only way to get them.

Please sign me up for next year. Regardless of price.. Susan Smith 1100 Bower Basin St. ,Las Vegas, NV, 89144.I will pay you cash, credit card ,or PayPal. Thank you so much. We miss Costco fruitcake. We eat two a year.

Packed with Fruit and Fresh Pecans!Our Traditional Light Pecan Fruitcake is made with real butter, orange juice, lots of fruit and Sunnyland Pecans. The combination of sweet fruit and fresh pecans make this a holiday must have. A favorite on many a holiday table.

Sunnyland Farms' Light Pecan Fruitcake is available as either a round cake in a lovely gift tin or as 3 Loaf Cakes in a Home Box. You will get approximately...12 slices from Round Fruit Cakes and 7 slices from each loaf cake.

In the small town of Claxton, Ga., two bakeries make more than 4 million pounds of fruitcake each year. Both bakeries say Claxton is the fruitcake capital of the world, despite a similar claim made by a company in Corsicana, Texas.

"We actually begin with a blend of golden and natural raisins," says Dale Parker, vice president of Claxton Bakery, the larger of the town's two fruitcake companies. "A lot of folks ask us what are the little green things in fruitcake, and that's simply candied pineapple."

The bakery goes back more than a century, when an Italian immigrant named Savino Tos moved from New York City to Georgia. Parker's father, Albert, worked in the bakery as a young boy and eventually bought the business. Back then, fruitcakes were a delicacy at a time when many couldn't afford to buy fresh fruits and nuts.

Fruitcakes are often mocked. Most famously, former Tonight Show host Johnny Carson contended that there is just one fruitcake, and that it gets regifted as people send it house to house every year. As you might imagine, people in Claxton don't think it's funny.

"Yeah, he said that, but he would not come locally and make that statement. He'd only say it on TV," says Claxton Mayor Luther Royal. He says the town of about 2,000 revolves around fruitcakes, which bring tourists to a place that otherwise might only be known for its rattlesnake festival.

And Royal says the cakes have been a good negotiating tool for both him and the former mayor. "He would take a case of fruitcake to Atlanta and come back with a mile of asphalt. And we still do that. We take the Claxton fruitcake to Atlanta every year in December and give to the elected officials," he says.

The second Claxton bakery is called the Georgia Fruit Cake Company. Its cakes are darker, and some are spiked with bourbon. Owner John Womble says that though the fruitcake market is older, a new generation is interested. 041b061a72


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