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(Dub) 24 : What Makes A Ruler

So as it stands now, the majority of newer standards are incompatible with the BBSxx motors. Here are some simple questions you can ask when selecting a bike to make sure you don't end up with one of these incompatible standards. What type of crank spindle does it have? If the answer is square tapered spindle, you are good to go. What year is the bike? Pre-2012 has a higher chance of being threaded. If you want a full suspension bike it would be a good idea to look for a used one made prior to 2012. Norco brand bikes still have newer post-2012 full suspension models with threaded shells that fit the motor. Is the bottom bracket shell threaded, yes, or no? If yes, the chances are almost certain the BBSxx motors will fit. If its not threaded, proceed with caution and make certain you understand what standard it is. PF30 and BB30 do have adapters available, FSA makes them. We supply an adaptor for BB92 aka PF41. What width is the bottom bracket? Knowing this allows you to get the proper sized BBSxx motor, 68mm, 73mm, etc... Is the frame carbon? Proceed with caution! The shell thickness increases on carbon frames. Much thicker than steel or aluminum shells. This may be too thick and the motor body hits, not allowing it to slide through. A threaded BB shell on a carbon BB bike usually fits ok because it has the smallest diameter of all the other standards, but with press fit larger diameter shell standards it is not ok. The gap between the motor and the spindle is narrow. The thicker BB opening combined with the thick carbon material is too much. Another trouble with carbon frames is battery mounts. You cannot drill carbon and insert threaded rivet nuts like you can with steel and aluminum.

(Dub) 24 : What Makes a Ruler




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