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Why Should I Buy A Chromebook !!LINK!!

If you're considering buying one for your kid, our Chromebook drop test (opens in new tab) gives us a sense of which Chrome OS laptop is the most durable. Students should also check out our Windows 10 vs. macOS vs. Chrome OS guide when the back-to-school season comes around.

why should i buy a chromebook

If you're buying this Chromebook for someone else, you should take a few moments to consider how they're going to use the device. Chromebooks are especially good for younger students, as they are ease to use and are fairly secure. It's also quite easy to update your Chromebook, and even better, these laptops often do that themselves.

Of course, if you require specialist software for your everyday tasks, then a Chromebook might be a little underpowered for you. Photographers or designers who rely on the full version of Photoshop should still go for a MacBook or Windows laptop and serious gamers should still stick with a gaming laptop.

Laptops with an Intel Core i3 or an AMD Ryzen 3 should be considered the minimum specification, with a Core i5 or Ryzen 5 preferred. Buy a laptop with at least 8GB of RAM inside and 256GB of storage. More RAM means more available tabs and a larger variety of applications; documents, video, and apps may require more storage space.

So, as long as you plan things in advance and make sure you save the right files onto your Chromebook before you go offline, you should still be able to get work done when you are not connected to the Internet.

Bought one, like having android on a laptop. All my apps work great and there are offline versions of the apps too and you can save things locally on the drive. More people than not work online. The laptop is quick, my android apps all work great on them. I dont use the chrome apps at all tbh. You can also add storage via usb or sd card depending on your model. The best way to think of a chromebook is a phone in laptop form on intel hardware. Very pleased with it tbh.

I am retired and thinking of upgrading from my IPad to a laptop or Chromebook. I use only for internet browsing, news, u-tube,movies, internet banking and security investments, watching sporting events live.Would a chromebook fit my needs for the above? Any disadvantages I should consider? Thank you

There is also a halfway house, i.e. using a chromebook to a access a service like Amazon Workspaces. You can have a cheap, light chromebook with all day battery life but connect to a windows 7 lile desktop with 4gb ram and install whatever windows softwarw you need. If you lose the chromebook, you can get another, install the workspace app and be back up and running immediately where you left off. This should be a mice option if there is Windows applications you cant live without. There is also an option to have MS office included in the price.

In our mid-2022 round of testing, we found that reliable performance for a Chromebook requires 8 GB of RAM and at least a 10th- or 11th-generation Intel processor or 5000-series AMD Ryzen processor. When we used Chromebooks with lower-end processors or less memory for everyday tasks, we encountered longer and more frequent delays loading tabs, typing in documents and spreadsheets, and speaking on Zoom calls. People who work with lots of tabs, frequently work in large documents while on video calls, or use Linux apps on their Chromebooks should get a model with at least an Intel Core i3 processor and 8 GB of RAM.

Keyboard and trackpad: A keyboard and trackpad should be good enough not to get in the way of your work. A backlit keyboard is a nice luxury, and most Chromebooks priced over $400 have one.

One of the top reasons you should choose ChromeOS is its consistent level of security. As proudly announced by Google, Chromebooks are devices that have never been hit with ransomware. This is saying a lot about the operating system, but let us further this subsection and discuss how secure Chromebooks are.

Imagine all the apps of three operating systems and it's all possible on a Chromebook. That should be a treat! You add this up with streaming games from GeForce Now or Google Stadia, and you have a wide selection of apps, tools, and games straight from your Chromebook!

Also worth noting with Chromebooks is that they've got pretty good battery life. Generally speaking, you should be able to use your device for just under 10 hours before needing to plug in your charger.

MacBooks are renowned for their high levels of quality, and you'd expect nothing less with such a hefty price tag. You shouldn't run into performance issues for the most part, while Apple also does an excellent job at protecting its devices from malware.

If used properly, a MacBook should last you a long time. You certainly shouldn't have to replace your device before five years, and it could last eight or more if you're really caring. You'll generally get macOS updates for a while, but due to security reasons and more, it's wise to consider upgrading once these stop.

If you are getting a Chromebook for someone else, you should examine how they are going to use the device. Chromebooks are good for younger students, as they are easy to use and are reasonably secure.

One crucial factor is that the best Chromebook tablets should have Android app support. While this is a common feature in newer devices, some older ones may lack this. Every device listed here will have Android app support. This will make it simple to operate like any other Android tablet, all while Chrome OS can take on more desktop-like tasks for serious work. If you care for it, some might even be able to handle Linux apps for full desktop app compatibility.

Are you not convinced by any of the best Chromebook tablets? Maybe you should take a look at options with other operating systems. Check out our lists of the best Android tablets or the best Windows tablets. Additionally, we have a list of the best Chromebooks, just in case you want a Chrome OS device with a traditional form factor.

Chromebook screen sizes range from 10 inches to more than 15 inches. For most, 13- or 14-inch displays in high-definition resolution should suffice. We recommend getting a touch screen, especially if you plan to install Android apps.

It might not have the battery life you expect from a Chromebook, but that can be excused when you take a look at how the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook breaks so many of the other typical rules of what a Chromebook should be. Its Fiesta Red chassis goes beyond eye-catching and hits drool inducing before you can say "wow that's a Chromebook?" It even comes with Samsung's S-Pen stylus, which is best used in tablet mode.

Beware of relying on any piece of software, even your operating system, to protect you in all circumstances. A computer is only as smart as its user. And as a smart user, what are some strategies you should keep in mind to protect your Chromebook? The following suggestions will keep your Chromebook from succumbing to adware, ransomware, spyware, or any other kind of malware you might encounter.

What happens when the dreaded AUE date passes? This means there will be no more automatic software updates from Google, no technical support from Google, and "business and education customers... should not expect that they can manage their devices as expected using the Google Admin console".

Chromebooks automatically acquire new software updates, so just connecting to the internet will protect your Chromebook from the latest exploit attacks and software vulnerabilities. But while Google will automatically keep your ChromeOS up to date, there are still a few things you should do yourself to protect your Chromebook, such as:

Because they're mostly cloud-based, Chromebooks have less local storage than most other laptops, usually between 16GB and 32GB of space. This means you should be fairly familiar with how to use the cloud if you plan on buying a Chromebook.

Choosing the best Chromebook for your needs and your budget can be hard to do given the multitude of models on the market today. The combination of years worth of software updates and laptop manufacturers making more powerful and better-built laptops means there are a ton of good Chrome OS machines that work well as everyday drivers. But there are some special factors to Chromebooks that you should keep in mind before choosing one. We'll help you figure out what is the best Chromebook for you, from the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5i to the Acer Chromebook Spin 714 and in between. Quick Overview Best overall Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5i $430 $430 at Amazon $430 at Amazon Upgrade option Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 $413 $413 at Amazon $413 at Amazon Premium option Acer Chromebook 714 $450 $450 at Amazon $450 at Amazon

"My nine year old macbook is pretty much done (may it rest in peace) and I have an acer chromebook (13", 4gb ram) being delivered today. I have an android phone so i'm kind of used to google's platform. Any must-have apps I should download right away, or any other useful tips / hints i should be aware of? many thanks in advance."

DavidA: "With you having an Android phone, PushBullet is something you should take a look at. It's great for integration between your phone and Chromebook. uBlock origin is a great ad-blocker, and h264ify is a useful extension for YouTube if the videos stutter, which can be common sometimes." 041b061a72


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