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[S1E10] Flesh And Blood NEW!

Tic and Leti summoned Titus. He fought back and escaped momentarily to appear to Christina and Ruby as they crashed their car. Hattie, Dora, and Hannah helped restrain Titus as Tic took his flesh and vanquished him. Christina showed up at the garage and took away the Mark of Cain from Leti when they refused to give her the Book.

[S1E10] Flesh and Blood


A group of three vampires shows up. Micah says they're three days early, but that's not a problem because they have their half. A woman known as Magdalene mentions the three dead ferals in the woods, questioning if they're being hunted for sport. Theo says they have to or the ferals will hunt them. Magdalene smells something, she says that she was told there are fugitive humans from the city and one of them is special. The vampire woman demands to know what Micah knows; he claims to know nothing and that after all that time he'd have no reason to lie. She is brought a container filled with blood and tastes it; she is pleased and tells Micah to find the woman for her. However, Micah questions what Julius wants with the woman. She tells Micah that if he questions her again, everything they have will be over.

Micah explains to the survivors that he cut a deal with the vampires as it's better than being murdered or enslaved. Susan calls it a deal with the devil. Micah says that twice a month he supplies Magdalene with a fresh blood, and in return her kind doesn't bother them. Vanessa finds it hard to believe. Beth suggests that Vanessa is the woman that the vampires are looking for; however, she lies saying that Vanessa is only looking for her daughter. Admitting to killing a lot of Julius' vampires, she says that she's lucky to still be alive, but a lot of her people aren't.

Afterwards, Doc sits on the bench with her hands covered in blood. When she sees Vanessa, she walks away. Vanessa asks Micah why there are no children around, and Micah says they'll be reunited with their family when the time is right. The pregnant women that come there are the daughters and wives of the men fighting the war. Susan wants to be clear that the women weren't impregnated by him. He says he's just doing his part to maintain the survival of the human race with a new generation of freedom fighters, but Magdalene isn't aware of this which is why the children are hidden. He says their motives are pure.

Theo takes Vanessa to his parents' grave. He kept them safe during the Rising and brought them to Eden. His dad had a heart attack 6 months ago, and he's happy that his father passed quickly on his own terms. His mom died a month ago; she never got over his father's death. Vanessa feels bad for him and they begin to kiss. He says she bit him, but she didn't mean to - it just kinda happened. She says that she's not a vampire, at least not entirely, and he questions what that means. Vanessa explains how her abilities work: that vampires turn human after tasting her blood or a bite and ferals die. Theo realizes that they're hunting her because they're afraid, and says it's a gift, but she thinks it's a curse. Theo thinks that it gives them a fighting chance, hope instead of fear, and a better future for that baby. She asks where Micah takes the babies. He says Beth takes them to a meet up point with the Resistance, who have a camp in Seattle. They supposedly took the city a few months ago, but Vanessa says he heard wrong and Seattle isn't safe.

Christina takes a knife and cuts Atticus. She begins to drink his blood. Elsewhere, Lettie awakes, noting that her invulnerability was not removed after all. She runs into the area where Christina is performing her ceremony. She tells Atticus that she loves him as he dies. She then stabs Christina, reciting an incantation. However, Christina immediately heals because her immortality spell has worked.

Well, finally. The ruinous civil war called the Dance of the Dragons is here at last, and if this episode is any indication, it's gonna be one bloody mosh pit. Lord Beesbury's was technically the first blood spilled in the war last week, but poor Luke represents its first front-line casualty. They didn't just kill this messenger, they chewed him all the way up. (You know how you never see Cookie Monster actually eating the cookie, he just sort of reduces it to flying crumbs? Sort of that, but with gobbets of flesh.)

Borros demands that the kids not fight under his roof, and we're reminded of how much lip-service the lords of the Seven Kingdoms pay to the safety of their guests. Until they suddenly and bloodily don't. Borros may be a boor, but he's no Walder Frey, and Luke makes it out of the castle un-murdered.

It's a rainy night in Greenwood, Delaware, and Beth LeBeau is just getting ready for bed. As she tucks herself in, she notices a leak coming from the ceiling and goes to the attic to check it out. There is a hole in the side of her roof and after patching it, she returns to her room. Back in her room, hands reach out from underneath Beth's bed and yank her under; the splattering of blood that follows marks her end.

Later that day, Will brings fish home and slices it open on the kitchen counter. As he does so, blood comes out of the fish. He comes rushing back to reality, to see that he is covered in the blood of Beth LeBeau, in the midst of her brutal crime scene. Will stumbles back and runs out of the room, to find the FBI investigation team awaiting his results. Outside the home, Jack admonishes Will for contaminating the crime scene, but Will wonders aloud if Jack has anyone else that can do Will's job stable better than he can do it unstable. At the scene, Brian says the girl drowned in her own blood. Beverly thinks it's an old flame, as the photos in the room of her are scratched out. When Will realizes the skin on Beth's face was pulled back, he wonders if the killer was trying to remove her mask.

Beverly accompanies Will to Beth's house and the two try to figure out whether Will was hallucinating or whether he actually encountered Beth's killer. Beverly thinks the skin peeling off the murderer would make sense, as the killer was cut during the crime but never bled. Will agrees, as it also may explain why they were trying to cut Beth's face off - they may have mistaken it for a mask and could also have trouble distinguishing faces. The killer came back to make sure they hadn't committed the crime, but their delusions would've been confirmed by the blood on the ground. The killer's profile is beginning to take shape.

Will is eager to diagnose his mental problems, unaware that Hannibal and Dr. Sutcliffe are intentionally keeping him in the dark. Will returns for another MRI testing, but when it's over, no one is around to help him wrap up his appointment. The hospital is worryingly empty. As Will investigates, he finds Dr. Sutcliffe's office door dripping with blood, he covers his hand before he enters, and finds the doctor is dead at his desk, his head ripped apart at the jaw.

Leti and Ruby use blood to draw symbols on the watchtower to complete the binding triangle. As Leti prepares to leave for the bridge, she realizes that Ruby is actually Christina using the metamorphosis potion. Christina reveals that she caught Ruby trying to steal the potion and killed her. In a fit of rage, Leti punches Christina and a fight ensues, ending with Leti being thrown off the tower to her death.

Despite the fact that the group failed to make the blood connection, Leti still recites the spell, causing a dark cloud to form. Ji-ah realizes that this is her destiny and becomes entangled in the darkness using her tails to connect Tic and Christina. While Ji-ah is connected to Christina she experiences memories from both Christina and Tic. Christina tucking in a comatose Ruby, Tic writing his farewell letter for Montrose and handing it to Hippolyta. It appears Christina was the one who recast the invulnerability spell onto Leti.

The sigil for House Targaryen, as you likely well know, is a red three-headed dragon on a black background. By changing the color to green, King Aegon II is representing his Hightower blood along with his Targaryen parentage.

The song speaks of dragons and blood magic, urging the creature hearing it to "bind" and "fly as we were destined." There's also mention of "two heads to a third sing," a possible allusion to the "Prince That Was Promised" prophecy that Rhaegar Targaryen (Jon Snow's father) interpreted in his day with the cryptic line "the dragon must have three heads."

Malory awakens in the middle of the night to an intruder in the apartment, who turns out to be Archer, bloody, half-dressed, and confused.The scene then shifts to the day before, as the ISIS staff discuss a new anti-fraternization policy that Malory has introduced. When Cyril questions why they have until the end of the week to cease fraternizing, Pam tells Cyril that she pushed the deadline back because she wants to convince someone in the office to have sex with her before then.

Wow. That was quite the rollercoaster ride. Lookit the contrast between the two sets of brothers raised together in care; one older brother still protecting the younger and the other killing his younger brother out of a sense of responsibility. Lookit Nelson with all his available choice: to kill Victor and Sonny or to not. And Victor, as above, with no choice at all. You know, you can kick a dog for being a dog as many times as your conscience will allow (like, none); it will not stop that dog from being a dog. It will just make it an angry and dangerous dog. Maybe the suggestion is that Nelson dragging Victor into his world is what broke him, this beautiful manchild with homicidal tendencies, an affection for cool flesh and zero coping skills.

Grissom, Sara and Brass process the apartment and find several key pieces of evidence incriminating Scott. A green fiber, likely from the blanket, is found on the couch, and Sara later finds another fiber down the hallway leading to the garage. Scott owns a gun, which Brass notes has just been cleaned; however, there's one bullet missing from the holder. Kaye is even missing from photos Scott has on his mantle. As Sara makes her way down the hall, she smells bleach. Upon spraying the wall with luminol, she finds the presence of blood, and Scott claims that he doesn't know how it got there. Suddenly, Sara snaps and accuses Scott of killing his wife, pointing and yelling at him. After the two are separated, Sara tells Grissom that based on how Scott treated her, one can only imagine how he treated his wife. 041b061a72


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