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Kik Tracee - (1993) - Center Of

Bassists were teased in 1992 at the prospect of a new bass, the Bunny Brunel BB75, and in 1993, it would be officially introduced and featured in the catalog. This early model had a thinner body than other Carvin basses, and therefore, the output jack was located on the front of the bass, versus on the side (but would be change in the future). Additionally, the "Bunny Brunel" signature logo was not yet present, and only the engraved truss rod cover gave any indication of the signature status of this bass. It also had several unique features, including an asymmetrical neck that was thinner on the treble side, and dot inlays that were off-center, so that the dots were not directly under the A string. Base price on the BB75 was $809, and it was available with the majority of available options, but was not available in a lefty. The 5-string LB75 was unchanged from '92. It's base price was $709.Like the LB75, the 6-string LB76 saw no significant changes for 1993. Base price on the LB76 was $839.

Kik Tracee - (1993) - Center Of



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