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Samuel Gray

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 10

The raid in the 20th ward continues as the CCG officers and the Anteiku ghouls fight each other. Koma and Irimi have the upper hand at first, but they are eventually defeated by Tanakamaru and Hachikawa. However, just before they are completely killed by the doves, Ken Kaneki arrives and rescues them. He is seen by Touka and Hideyoshi when he returns to the battle where he encounters Koutaro Amon and the 4th division squad.

Tokyo Ghoul Episode 10

Yoshimura, on the other hand, is surrounded by several special class ghoul investigators and their associates. Yukinori Shinohara, Iwao Kuroiwa, Juuzou Suzuya, Koori Ui and Kousuke Houji attack the One-Eyed Owl simultaneously, and even with his quick regenerating abilities, the ghoul suffers heavy injuries until he is completely subdued.

The ghouls ability to regenerate varies depending on the plot, when ken went berserk the first time he stabbed nishki up multiple times like fist of the north star and he also impaled renji and they both seem fine.

There are only two more eps to go this season, and I'm seriously wondering how things are going to get wrapped up in time. And we still don't know who Mr White-Haired & Mysterious from the OP is. (Okay, yes we do, but how is Kaneki going to end up there within the next two episodes?)

The 11th Ward offices of CCG are attacked by ghouls, wiping everyone out. Banjo and company stop in at Anteiku, looking for Rize to warn her to flee from Aogiri Tree, a new group of ghouls bent on taking over-- until Kaneki accidentally knocks him out! 041b061a72


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